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You deserve clear marketing

As a marketing consultant, I help businesses & organisations drive action by translating their expertise into clear, effective marketing.

Feel like your marketing just doesn’t work?


You’re missing opportunities because your marketing is unclear and doesn’t tell the right people how they can work with you.

At The Marketing Side, I translate your area of genius so that you can take pride in what you do and maximise every opportunity to help more people.

How we help your business

👱🏼‍♀️Consulting for consistency

💎Messaging for clarity

💪🏼Training for sustainability 

I’ve helped more than 50 businesses and organisations connect with more people through clear messaging, strategic marketing consulting and accurate websites.

marketing The Marketing Side
The Marketing Side took the time to not only identify our needs but to also understand our audience and immerse themselves in the story and the language that we use in this challenging environment.
Brad Dunn, Chairperson
marketing The Marketing Side
The Marketing Side gave us the time and patience to understand what we do, even though it can be complex, and turned it into a beautiful, easy to use website that we are so proud of.
Michelle McDonnell, CEO

Ready to work with a marketing consultant to build momentum with your marketing?

Are you involved with a complex community organisation or non-profit that needs someone to take the time to listen and understand all the intricate ways you help people?
Do you own a service-based business and feel overwhelmed by marketing?
Are you running a successful side-hustle that you're ready to take to the next level?
marketing The Marketing Side

You should be able to partner with a marketing consultant who takes the time to understand your business or organisation

You’ve worked hard and you’re an expert in your field. It’s frustrating not being able to bridge the gap between your area of genius and marketing effectively to your ideal client.

I ask questions, then I listen to your answers. I recognise that YOU are the specialist in your area. My goal is to shine a light on your passion, so people understand the value in what you do.  

The Marketing Side started with me, barefoot at the dining room table with a second-hand laptop, a mortgage to pay and a desire to help people understand marketing.

Marketing often gets a bad rap for being shady, manipulative and kinda icky. Just so you know: I don’t play in that fake space. I genuinely believe the people, services and products behind my client’s business are worth showing off. My goal is to establish authentic relationships and stay connected with my clients for their long-term success.