Marketing your small business is overwhelming. We give you solutions that you understand and that actually work, so you can grow your business.


We’ll be honest with you every step of the way, so that you know exactly what, why, and how we are helping your business grow.

The Marketing Side started at a dining room table with a second-hand laptop, so we understand humble beginnings, and the unique requirements of small to medium businesses. Depending on where you are in your business journey, you might be ready to play in one area, but not another. That’s okay. We’ll work with you wherever you’re at. And we’ll show you where we can make the most impact according to your goals, strengths and circumstances.

If you need a well-set up Google Business Listing and not a comprehensive website right now, we’ll let you know that. Or if you’ve got an amazing team of expert staff, but nobody knows about them because you haven’t posted anything on social media since 2016, we look at your entire digital presence and develop a solution that suits your needs now.

Meet our team

about The Marketing Side
Managing director

Jodie McEwen

Plant lady. shoe collector. finds silver linings. avid reader. developer. people person. coffee snob.

Jodie developed a love of words as a little girl, and she still talks a lot. After working in large and small organisation across communications, publishing, marketing and social media, she founded The Marketing Side in 2015 and finally gets to put all those words to good use.

about The Marketing Side
Operations Manager, web designer

Jacob Shultz

Landscape lover. muso. pot-stirrer. weather nerd. Ideally barefoot and/or at the beach.

Jacob has been taking photos, building websites, and figuring out how to make things ‘better’ since he was a teenager. With an eagle eye for design and a passion for helping people to do what they love in a sustainable way, he is an instrumental part of our team.

about The Marketing Side
Content Writer & Co-ordinator

Andrea Martinello

Story teller. talks with her hands. politics nerd. aspiring plant mum. dramatic. lives for summer.

Andrea studied journalism and worked in communications until she found her home writing for The Marketing Side. She sees words and sentences like a maths equation – it’s about finding the right elements to create content that just makes sense.

about The Marketing Side
Graphic Designer

Katie Cox

People person. Beach bum. Enya fan. Quiet achiever. Always up for an arvo nap.

Katie loves helping people communicate concepts in a way that reflects their ideals and resonates with their audience. Her perfect day involves watching the sun set with friends, followed by a share plate of Mexican food and apple pie.

Are we the right fit for your business?

You are a start-up

If you’re launching something new and you need a solid marketing presence, we’ve  gotcha covered. (And we love working from a clean slate).

You are a new owner

Just bought an established business that’s looking a bit tired? We’ll bring the design magic, inject some energy and revitalise your brand for growth.

Your business is growing

Adding new revenu streams means creating collateral & assets to help you convert. Let’s make sure your digital presence accurately reflects your business. 

Our Story

Marketing with heart

The Marketing Side was first born in 2015 when I was staring unemployment in the eye.

Instead of admitting that I was jobless, I started talking about my skill-set. Friends began referring business people who needed help with marketing and that’s where it started.

Pretty soon it was obvious that clients needed more than what one person could provide. I roped Jacob in, and together we began collaborating to provide a broad variety of skills and services, all in one place.

So here we are.

Six years down the track, we have more delighted clients and (actually) do happy dances when we see our work on show around Newcastle. We’ve built a team of multi-talented creatives to the fold and we’re doing cool stuff with fabulous people all the time.

We’re super-keen for more growth/learning/creativity/fun as we continue to build relationships with business owners and help them reach their marketing goals.

about The Marketing Side

We’d love to chat about how we can help your business connect with the people who matter.

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