2-hour Messaging Workshop

People often find it difficult to talk about what they do because it’s complex. If you’re not a words person or you’re busy running a business it’s even harder to clarify your message. 

A Messaging Workshop will redefine the way you think about your business – and the words you use – so you can clearly tell people how you solve their problems. 

Click below to book your Messaging Workshop, fill in the short online questionnaire and I’ll contact you to confirm your booking time.

Jodie helped me build a solid foundational knowledge using the Messaging Framework. It was a crucial first step in clarifying everything about my business. This framework enabled me to better understand my audience and identify my unique selling points.

Mardi Lee, ReNewy Living

I felt anxious about trying explain a very unique concept without writing a whole book. I’ve invested a lot in the business, so the stakes were high if people didn’t understand the value my products deliver.

Through the Messaging Workshop, I learned to think of my products in a different way. I feel confident that my messaging is targeted to speak directly to my ideal clients about things that are important to them. The Messaging Workshop is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a background in marketing. 

Maryna King, The Cushion Accessory Co

If you’re wondering where to start on your marketing journey, you aren’t sure how to attract your ideal customer (or even who they actually are), or you just need some clarity and consistency around your online presence, then this Messaging Workshop is for you.

Excellent value for money, and you come out of the workshop with a messaging game plan, which is fantastic. 

Kate Bradley, Valkyrie Enterprises

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Trying to understand ALL the Google platforms?
Why start with a Messaging Workshop?

This is the starting place for every new client. I’ll take you through a MessagingWorkshop so I can fully understand your business and get a feel for what you want to achieve. Messaging is the foundation that underpins your entire business, and it brings clarity to your marketing, sales and internal communications. Messaging is the secret sauce that supercharges your whole marketing strategy.

Can I jump straight into a web design project or strategic content creation?

After your Messaging Workshop, I’ll email through your Messaging Framework and then create a detailed Solution proposal and quote of how we can work together.  

What happens at a Messaging Workshop?

Once you’ve filled out the online questionnaire and booked a time, all you need to do is show up! My goal is to learn all about you, your business or organisation, and your goals. I’ll take you through our narrative marketing journey, explaining everything along the way so you know exactly what’s going on. I love helping you to untangle every corner of your business and translate it into a story that makes sense to you, and your ideal customers. After the Workshop, I’ll work my Word Person magic, finalise your Messaging Framework and send it to you via email.

What’s included in the Messaging Framework?
  1. A one-line web header that passes the grunt test so anyone can understand who you are and what you do at a glance.
  2. An elevator pitch so you can confidently talk about your business at networking events, on social media, or at the next family barbecue.  
  3. Your Customer Transformation journey: what life was like for your customer before working with you, and what life could be like after.
  4. An overview of your major services/products.
  5. 3 tips for integrating your messaging into your business straight away.
  6. Your 3 Step Process to outline the steps people need to take to start working with you.
How much does the 2-hour Messaging Workshop cost?

The Messaging Workshop costs $395.

After your 2 hr workshop, I’ll deliver your customised Messaging Framework via email, ready for you implement into your business. You’ll also get a customised and fully costed Solution proposal and quote outlining the ways we can help you achieve your goals.

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