The Colour 8 Home

Photography. Web Design.

Project overview

Belinda’s contagious smile, eye for detail and care for her clients made her a dream client. She even has a background in IT! 

Belinda already had a home on the internet, but the business had grown beyond the original website, and needed to more clearly present The Colour 8 Home’s services. 

We love the challenge of bringing clarity and helping to communicate to the people who matter. 

What we did

Top priority was a photoshoot, to capture Belinda’s fantastic home staging and styling. We squeezed in a shoot just before an open house, so the photos are reflective of a real-life property staging.

When it came to a website, Belinda had an older target market, so we made sure the design catered to basic accessibility needs like size and contrast. We wanted the flow of the website (‘vibe’ > information > action) to be abundantly clear. 

The Colour 8 Home had an existing brand, so we worked hard to extend the styling and colour pallette into Belinda’s new digital home. From the photography to the accent colours throughout the website, the sky blue/green of her branding shine through.

woman arranging cushions on a chair
woman arranging cushions on a chair
two men painting a house
smiling woman on a seat