11 free Valentines Day social post ideas

Aaaarrgghhh! It’s Valentines Day! What am I going to post on social media?

Using seasonal celebrations and posting about events like Valentines Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and International Coffee Day – it’s actually a thing on 1 October 😉- is a smart move for social media managers and business owners.

These seasonal events are TIMELY and RELEVANT and keep your business top of mind for your audience. They’re kind of expecting to see something about it as they scroll, so it’s time to wow them. This is an awesome opportunity to engage with your followers and remind them how great you are.

You could:

  • Share a story
  • Use a great image
  • Show off your products
  • Engage with your followers
    A little personalization goes a long way. If you’re not actively engaged in the conversation on social media, there’s no better time to start!

Here are 11 Valentines Day social media ideas to inspire

Every single example here is achievable for most social media managers (or business owners) with zero budget. Yep. That’s right. For FREE. So see which idea resonates best for your business, pull your iPhone out of your pocket and get posting.

It’s 100% about thinking creatively. Use what you have at hand and tweak it to fit the lovey dovey, romantic Valentine theme of the moment.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side


 1. Valentine your product or logo

@alexisrusselljewelry makes and sells exquisite jewellery, mostly diamond rings. Using something very simple and a sweet, nostalgic traditional Valentine’s gift- a candy heart- they made a diamond shape, which echoes their core product. SUPER simple and super effective.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side


 2 Use a Valentine cliche gift

Is there anything more Valentine-y than chocolate covered strawberries? They are a healthy treat though, so totally in alignmnet with this business. Writing on them in chocolate just makes it so much sweeter, if you’ll pardon the pun. Can your product be used to celebrate the holiday? Show us how!

Valentines Day social The Marketing Side


 3. Find a silver lining of being single

This is a terrific idea that turns Valentine’s Day on its head. Great if your product or service is totally un-related to the event and has a sense of humour.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side


 4. Leverage the fact the people love animal pics

Animals are universally popular and the link to ‘guilty of love’ is a smart link. As always, the same royalty and copyright issues  apply to using images from the interwebs. Additionally, you could always use your own pet photos.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 5. Incorporate a heart shape

Hearts and love are everywhere on Valentine’s Day. Shaping their camera strap into a heart shape is a simple link that works alongside the short text. You could do this with anything. Food, clothing, jewellry, etc. Get creative!


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 6. Make a joke

Man Shed posts are for a very specific male audience with a very distinct sense of humour. But if this is your jam, go for it. People love to laugh, and we enjoy the absurd.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 7. Leverage our almost universal love for coffee

Remember what we said about the heart shape? Shaping your product into a heart is simple but it works. And let’s face it… who can resist coffee? It may be the most powerful love affair around. You could probably stick a post it note with a love heart drawn on a cup of coffee and get engagement this Valentines Day.

Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 8. Shout your passion- We love xyz.

Feet and hearts. This would literally be what they work with every day – feet!- and an iconic red heart cushion. I’d have been tempted to say something like ‘We love your feet as much as you do’. But this idea is easily replicable with a bit of time and thought. We love dogs! We love IT that works. We love pampering our clients. Super easy for any business to share their passion for what they do.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 9. Use red- almost anything red will work

Iconic red. Red is a universal theme that will gently tie your post into the concept of Valentines Day. Red roses. Strawberries. Red love hearts. Red graphics, almost anything red will work.

These guys have added iconic heart shapes. Chocolate AND a giveaway. Heck, yes! I’d be happy to tag the person I’d eat those bliss balls with.


Valentines Day social The Marketing Side


 10. Use an inspiring love quote

This simple idea is cute red heart-shaped tins and a sweet verse about love. Google search a sweet love poem or quote and see what resonates with your brand, or would make a cheeky message to tag your Valentine into.

Valentines Day social The Marketing Side
 11. Use a red rose

This is so smart. Visually and thematically, this post tied in with The Bachelor TV show which was hugely popular when this post went live. The red roses and the idea of falling out of love with your job are clever hooks for a recruitment company. Now all you have to do is convince your team to get in the photo…

Did something here spark your creativity? Looking for more ideas to ❤️?


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