2-hour Messaging Workshop

Your business has the potential to reach and help more people.

A Messaging Workshop will redefine the way you think about your business – and the words you use – so you can clearly tell people how you solve their problems. 

We’d love to help you bring clarity to your business at a Messaging Workshop, the starting place for all of our new clients. Book in your Messaging Workshop by clicking the button below and fill out the short online questionnaire. We’ll contact you to confirm your booking time.

I recently got to experience the awesomeness that is the messaging workshop with the team at The Marketing Side.

If you’re ever wondering where to start on your marketing journey, you aren’t sure how to attract your ideal customer (or even who they actually are), or you just need some clarity and consistency around your online presence, then this workshop is for you.

Excellent value for money, and you come out of the workshop with a messaging game plan, which is fantastic. Jodie and Jacob were very professional and delivered on everything we covered as promised.

Kate Bradley, Valkyrie Enterprises

Have questions? We’re a phone call or email away.

Trying to understand ALL the Google platforms?
Why start with messaging?

Messaging is the secret sauce that supercharges your marketing strategy. We work with all our clients to develop a Messaging Masterplan before we start any project, because we’ve seen just how effective it is at bringing clarity to your marketing, sales, and internal communications.

Can I jump straight into a web design project or content marketing agreement?

After your Messaging Workshop, we’ll deliver your Messaging Masterplan and then create a detailed solution proposal and quote. We always start with messaging because we’ve seen what an incredible difference in makes to the return on investment for your marketing activities.

What happens at a Messaging Workshop?

Once you have filled out the online questionnaire and  booked a time, all you need to do is show up!  Our communication gurus, Jodie & Jacob, meet with you to learn all about you and your business or organisation. We’ll take you through our narrative marketing framework, explaining everything along the way so you understand exactly what’s going on. We’ll do the hard work with you to untangle every corner of your business and translate it into a story that makes sense not just to you, but to your customers as well. After the Workshop, we’ll finalise your Messaging Masterplan and send it to you via email.

What’s included in the Messaging Masterplan?

Your Messaging Masterplan includes:

  1. A full messaging framework based on the Messaging Workshop
  2. A one-liner for your business that you can use on your web header, email signature, letterheads, powerpoint presentations, etc.
  3. Your Customer Transformation journey: what life was like for your customer before working with you, and what life could be like after.
  4. An overview of your major products/services
  5. 3 tips for implementing your messaging framework into your business straight away.
  6. 3 marketing actions where you could make the most impact to your marketing strategy
How much does the 2-hour Messaging Workshop cost?

The Messaging Workshop requires a $365 payment to book, but if you decide to work with us afterwards, we’ll discount your first invoice by $365, essentially giving you the Messaging Workshop for free. That’s how much we believe in it! If you don’t choose to work with us, you’ll still receive your full Messaging Masterplan, ready for you implement into your business.

Have questions? We’re a phone call or email away.