JTP Painting

Photography. Web Design.

Project overview

Jaydn and Pinn from JTP Painting were dream clients for us. Switched on. Smart. Hard-working. Positive. These guys really understood the value of smart marketing and they wanted a website and an online presence they could be proud of. We had a lot of fun making their dreams a reality & their website is one of our all-time favourites. 

The brief for their website and photography project was clean, modern and fresh. 

What we did

When you’re a painter, appearances matter so we knew quality photos were crucial to the success of this project.

JTP Painting offer a range of services so we planned a multi-location shoot to show off the breadth of their work inside and outside. We were welcomed into the stunning homes of JTP’s delighted clients so all we had to do was scoot around the city, dodge the rain and photograph Jaydn and his team at work.  

Jaydn and Pinn showed us some website designs that they loved, so we had great design inspiration when it came to create their website. We wrote concise content to communicate their warmth and professionalism and we kept things simple. Once we added some of those incredible images, the site truly began to shine. And it shone so hard, we’re reliably informed there were tears of joy in Pinn’s eyes. Best reaction to a website reveal EVER.

two men painting a house
two men painting a house
The Glimpse Project logo
smiling woman on a seat

“Website is just phenomenal. We love it so much! .”

Pinn Tongue, JTP Painting

smiling woman on a seat